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Resolve to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Perhaps you made New Year’s Resolutions to improve all areas of your life, vowing to close more business deals, be more organized, and eat more kale. According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of us give up on our New Year's resolutions by mid-February.  We often fail because our goals aren’t specific enough.  Resolving [...]

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How Employee Age Impacts Workers Compensation Utilization

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people ages 55 and older in the workforce will reach 24.9% in 2024 – up from 11.9% in 1994. Prompting this uptick in working Boomers are two factors: They can’t receive full Social Security retirement benefits yet. The recession drained their retirement savings accounts. As [...]

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Property Rates are Increasing. What’s Driving This Trend?

Policy holders may notice rate spikes in their property insurance and wonder why their premiums are rising.  Some premium increases are caused by things out of your control, like inflation, but other factors concern you specifically – including your claims history and credit score. Some reasons for a property rate hike include: Mathematics – Actuaries [...]

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Workplace Safety Increases as Workers’ Compensation Claims Drop

Regulatory reforms and advancements in workplace safety have caused the frequency and severity of Workers’ Compensation claims to decline significantly.  As injury rates drop, Workers’ Compensation costs also decrease; providing significant benefits to the employers. Here are a few reasons why we are seeing a decline in Workers’ Compensation payouts: More workplace safety initiatives [...]

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California Passes Groundbreaking Legislation to Limit Independent Contractors

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, recently signed a new bill that makes it more difficult for companies to classify their workers as independent contractors rather than employees.  This legislation is expected to change the employment status of more than a million workers across California. As a result, these workers will be eligible for workplace benefits [...]

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How Recessions Impact Workers’ Compensation

Many economists believe that a recession is on the horizon, and Bank of America forecasted a greater than 30% chance of a recession starting within the next year.  How will the predicted economic downturn impact Workers' Compensation claims? The rate of workplace injury and subsequent Workers' Compensation claims drops sharply during recessions and rises [...]

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Safeguard Your Home Before Winter Weather Hits

The leaves are falling, there’s a chill in the air, and winter is right around the corner.  Homeowners should take precautions now to protect against winter weather-related damage. There are inherent dangers associated with winter weather; including frozen pipes, ice dams, fires from heat sources, wind damage, flooding, and other devastating (and expensive) occurrences. [...]

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Safe Harvesting Tips in Honor of Harvest Safety Week

The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) has announced the first-ever Harvest Safety Week, October 14-18, to promote health and safety in the workplace and out in the fields. As feed and grain workers are working long hours during this busy time, it’s important for them to keep these safety tips in mind: Train all [...]

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Don’t Get Hacked: Get Covered

You've been hacked! These are three words that we dread in our society of technology dependency.  In 2018, billions of people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks. USA Reports that 765 million people were hacked in the months of April, May and June alone – with losses surpassing tens of millions of dollars. [...]

Up in Smoke: Insuring Cannabis-Related Businesses

The sale of legal cannabis is projected to reach $20 billion within three years. With 33 states passing laws to legalize medical cannabis and 11 allowing recreational marijuana, the insurance industry is beginning to take notice. California blazed trails by announcing the first Cannabis Business Owners Policy in June of 2017. The initial policy [...]

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